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May 2022 - Roundabout babies are planned for this summer!

Want a RoundAbout of your own? Contact me and tell me about yourself. We'll get to know each other, gush about how much we love these little buggars, and discuss planned litters. If you can give a wonderful loving home to a Mini-wire Dachshund, I want to hear from you!



The Best Start Possible

I raise dogs because I love them and work hard to ensure that RoundAbout puppies get the best possible start in life. Typically, pups stay with me until they are 14-16 weeks-old, as the first four months of their lives is a critical time for brain development and when they are most impressionable. As puppies learn more during this time than any other part of their lives, the quality and quantity of what they experience will have a huge impact on their future personalities and determine many of their "good" or "bad" behavior tendencies.  Proper nutrition, ample exercise, lots of rest, and exposure to many different people and situations during this period allows them to grow up healthy, strong, and confident. 


As I've gotten pretty good at raising happy, well-adjusted puppies, I've found that keeping them here for the extra few weeks ensures that each gets the best possible start in life and arrives in her/his new home ready to fit into the family. During this time, they will have met lots of new folks (including children of different ages), heard lots of new sounds (especially the sounds of home-- vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, cars, radio, television, and lively conversations), been introduced to cats, taken rides in the car, and visited lots of new places.  This also gives them time to build a strong immune system and develop good doggie manners from adult members of the RoundAbout pack.


For puppy buyers, this also means that your puppy comes to you crate trained, walking on a leash, sleeping longer through the night, and old enough to begin potty training in earnest. Your RoundAbout baby will also have been vet-checked, fully vaccinated (except for rabies), micro-chipped, had dewclaws removed, be comfortable having her/his nails done, and feel right at home on the grooming table. For potential show puppies, this also gives me plenty of time to ensure that bites are correct, males' testicles have descended, and to feel more confident about overall conformation.  


The Right Match

Matching pups and new owners that are just right for each other is very important to me. By the time RoundAbout puppies are ready to go to their new homes, I REALLY KNOW each puppy and can anticipate what type of home would be a good match for her/his temperament and personality. Puppies spend the first 4-6 weeks of their lives in my bedroom and much of the next 6-10 weeks of their lives in the family room. Since I work from home a few days of the week, puppies also spend much time sleeping in my lap while I work on the computer or participate in conference calls. Needless to say, I can well predict who each RoundAbout baby is trying to become.   


Some Things Are Worth the Wait!

As I only occasionally have puppies available, I usually have a waiting list of folks looking to adopt one of my babies. Even less frequently, I may have an adult who is ready to retire from the show ring and enjoy a life of leisure. 


If you're interested in welcoming a RoundAbout baby into your heart and home, I would love to hear from you! 





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