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Luther Vandross

RoundAbout Here and Now

Let's just cut to the chase. Luther is a shameless, unapologetically adorable womanizer. He'll capture your attention with his dark soulful eyes, draw you in with his charm, and then kill you softly with his exceptional cuddling skills. You'll never see it poor, poor dear. 


After five months of casting his love spell on every person to visit our farm, Luther has gone to his new home in Portland, Oregon where he is living the life of a pampered little Prince. A pampered little prince who has a back yard pond filled with exotic coy. And did we mention his second home in Palm Springs? Yeah. Homeboy is living the quite the swanky life. The best part is, his new family worships the water he walks on - and he has a demure miniature long-haired doxie named "Olive" to pal around with. Our little Prince Charming has found his happy ending in the form of a beautiful new beginning. 


We will, of course, share updates on Luther's latest adventures as we get them - so stay tuned!


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