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UK Champion Drakesleat

Mass Wisteria

To the untrained observer, Wisty appears somewhat shy, demure...almost naive. When she flashes her signature "damsel in distress" look with those perfectly set, almond shaped eyes, she makes you want to scoop her up and protect her from the big, bad, scary world.


But don't be fooled.


She's a shrewd, fearless competitor with the street smarts of a hardened gangster. She commands the stage with a lethal combination of self-depricating charm and elegant beauty that kills you softly...and in a hush whisper.   


It is important to note that I do not play favorites. I love all of the dogs equally. Each of them is special and perfect in every way. If I did play favorites though (and again, I certainly do not - and am offended at the insinuation!), I would favor Wisty. The feeling is entirely mutual too - since as far as Wisty is concerned, no other human on this earth matters more than me. As long as I am not in the room, she shares her intoxicating affection freely. But when I walk in, everyone else may as well be discarded crumbs on the floor to be swept aside to clear a path for the world's most perfect human being, ever, like....EVER. I am her universe. Her only reason for living.


This, of course, annoys everyone but me. Just saying. 


Wisty was bred by my mentor and friend, Zena Thorn-Andrews, of Drakesleat Kennel fame. I am humbled and grateful that Zena would trust me with this special girl.  


Sired by the UK's all-time top-producing mini wire sire and out of the 2011 top-producing dam, Wisty was destined for greatness-- and I have been lucky enough to have been along for the ride.  By the time I went to England to collect my little Wisty, she had already completed her championship (in less than a month of showing) and become England's top-winning female mini wire for 2011.  Two days before leaving England together, Wisty won best of breed at Crufts (the largest dog show in the world in an entry of 100+ mini wires)!  


Wisty just delivered her first litter of puppies in 2013, sired by Robin.  She's a great mother - and it's already very clear that mom and dad passed on their dashing good looks and charming dispositions.


Best of Breed - Crufts (2012)

Top Bitch in UK (Breed Points) 2012


Birthday: September 10, 2013

Baby Daddy: Robin


On September 10, 2013, Wisty brought 5 healthy puppies into our RoundAbout world. That first night was a long one. Not for Wisty, but for us. Her maternal instincts kicked right in, and she started caring for her pups as if she was a seasoned veteran. She was relaxed, alert, and calm as she tended to them throughout the night. 


We, on the other hand, were complete wrecks. We slept in shifts so we could senselessly hover over her in case she needed lactation consulting or wanted to discuss the best approach to potty training. We were - in a word - RIDICULOUS. Fortunately, Wisty was very patient with us those first few days...and demontrated what a fantastic mom should look like. 


Originally, we decided the theme for this litter would be inspired by the music of Dionne Warwick. But once the puppies arrived, their personalities didn't seem to fit that particular instead, the "80's Ladies" theme evolved. 

Meet the pups...

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Photo Gallery:

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